DWORSHAK & FAMILY                                                                 

 PHONE:   701-225-4308


We are located in the southwest part of North Dakota and raise purebred show quality Nubians.  We started with our first Nubians purchased from Promised*Landt Nubians in 1992.  We still have many Promised*Landt bloodlines in our herd today as well as bloodlines from Sand-Bur-Kids, Thunder-Ridge, Narrow Way, Iron Owl, Patch-Quilt-Farms, Painter's, Goldthwaite, Sadda, Cold Comfort, Ojibwa, Celtic Stars, Jasperhollow, Sweet-Nubbins, Crown-Hill, Sky Shadows, Mosaic, Cactus*Point, and Remuda. We strive to raise animals that not only do well in the show ring but are heavy producers that stand the test of time. We have added some new bucks that we feel will help us to keep our goals and compliment the lines we have.  All of our animals are tested yearly for CAE and new animals are tested for CAE and CL. We welcome you to stop in and visit or e-mail/call with any questions you may have.





                                                      *B Sand-Bur-Kids SC Kodiak has proved his ability as a sire to pass on                 

                                                    to his daughters lovely udders with strong milk production.

                                                    We said good-bye to Kodiak in 2016 but will always remember his beautiful kids

                                                    that were so deep, long and exemplified dairy character and oh those ears!

                                                    We are blessed to have some of his daughters in our herd today.